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Burnout Therapy in San Francisco

Feeling burned out? You’re not alone. Let us help you navigate your way back to balance.

Burnout is more than just a buzzword—it’s a real and potentially debilitating condition. Characterized as a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion, burnout arises from prolonged and excessive stress, often stemming from work or other demanding responsibilities. It’s important to understand that burnout is not a mere momentary sensation of fatigue or stress; it’s a deeper, persistent condition with significant repercussions on one’s mental and physical health.

Prevalence of Burnout

Burnout is most commonly linked to workplace-related stress. However, it isn’t isolated to any one profession. Research spanning various sectors and jobs has consistently shown that burnout effects a considerable portion of the workforce. Estimates suggest that in the general populace, burnout prevalence ranges between 20% and 40%, or even higher in certain groups. This underscores the pressing need for awareness, intervention, and support.

Symptoms of Burnout

  • Exhaustion: An overwhelming sense of fatigue that doesn’t improve with rest.
  • Decreased Motivation: Where once there was enthusiasm, now there’s an aversion.
  • Detachment: A feeling of disconnection from one’s responsibilities and commitments.
  • Performance Decline: Decreased efficacy in professional or personal tasks.

Our Approach to Burnout

The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) framework can help those working through burnout. This framework focuses on helpful thoughts and behaviors to reduce burnout and includes tools that include:

  • Stress Management: Practical skills that focus on effective breathing, muscle relaxation, and mindfulness techniques.
  • Thought Reframing: Recognize and restructure unhelpful thought patterns that exacerbate feelings of burnout.
  • Boundary Setting: Learn to communicate boundaries to ensure mental and emotional well-being.

Who We Are

Our team of therapists is specialized and experienced in navigating the complexities of burnout. Discover more about our expertise.