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Depression Therapy in San Francisco

Feeling lost in a cloud of sadness? Let us help you find clarity and hope.

Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), often referred to as Depression, is a mood disorder that transcends ordinary mood swings. Instead of short-lived emotional responses to life’s challenges, depression profoundly affects an individual’s thoughts, feelings, physical health, and overall ability to function daily.

Prevalence of Depression

Depression is one of the most common mental health disorders. Over 18% of adults in the United States will be diagnosed with depression at some point in their lives. The prevalence in adolescents is also concerning, approximating 13%. This underscores the critical need for comprehensive therapeutic solutions to aid those diagnosed with depression.

Symptoms of Depression

Persistent Sadness: Overarching feelings of sadness that don’t seem to dissipate.
Hopelessness: A bleak outlook on life and a feeling that situations will never improve.
Loss of Interest: A diminished interest in activities once found enjoyable.
Dietary & Sleep Changes: Disruptions in eating patterns, insomnia, or hypersomnia.
Decreased Energy: A notable lack of motivation, drive, and general fatigue.
Suicidal Ideation: In severe cases, depression can lead to thoughts of ending one’s life.

Our Approach to Depression

Rooted in evidence-based techniques, our therapeutic interventions primarily employ Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for depression therapy.

  • Challenging Negative Patterns: Through CBT, we guide individuals in recognizing and challenging the thought processes and behaviors that perpetuate depressive symptoms.
  • Promoting Adaptive Thinking: Our aim is to cultivate more helpful ways of interpreting life’s events, fostering an improved mood and wellbeing.
  • Behavioral Techniques: Encouraging practical actions like regular exercise, setting clear goals, gradual exposure to previously avoided activities, and behavioral activation proves invaluable in managing depression.
  • Holistic Approach: Understanding that depression affects the whole person, we blend cognitive restructuring with behavioral techniques to offer a comprehensive treatment strategy.

Our overarching goal is to challenge the hopeless thoughts and feelings of depression, by empowering individuals with tools, understanding, and renewed hope.

Who We Are

Our team is specialized and experienced in treating the complexities of depression with therapy. Discover more about our expertise.