Year: December 1, 2020

Therapy for Panic Attacks

How To Stop Panic Attacks

Tips From A Therapist For Stopping Panic Attacks As the shelter in place act extends for the Bay Area, an increase in panic has been a common theme for clients at Good Therapy SF. This is understandable as limited social contact, reduced opportunities to be active, and as an unknown future are the perfect ingredients […]

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How to Manage Shelter in Place Anxiety

Managing Anxiety When Sheltering In Place In the past few weeks, government agencies and news outlets have discussed the emergence of the COVID 19 Coronavirus. Currently, San Francisco is placed under a “shelter in place” order. Understandably, this pandemic is a source of anxiety, perhaps fear. The cancellation of major events, closed borders, and stories […]

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Perfectionism and Anxiety

Dealing With Perfectionism and The Anxiety It Can Cause At Good Therapy SF, many of our clients identify as perfectionists. By nature, perfectionists tend to be driven, high achievers. Often, these perfect standards create an expectation that goals will be met effortlessly and without mistakes. As a result, the perfectionist mindset creates a sense of […]