Month: September 29, 2019

OCD Test

How Do I Tell If I Have OCD? Have you ever asked yourself, “How Do I Tell If I Have OCD?”. Below is a checklist used by the psychologists at Good Therapy SF. These questions, in addition to a clinical interview, are part of the process to determine an accurate OCD diagnosis. A) Do you […]

What is Pure O OCD ?

  Purely obsessional thinking, or “Pure O” is when repetitive, ritualistic, or obsessional thinking is present without the behavioral rituals. In Stop Obsessing, Drs. Edna Foa, PhD and Reid Wilson, PhD describe the symptoms in more detail. Key Features of Pure O OCD Reduce distress by using internal arguments Perform specific and exact mental routines […]

Letting Go of OCD Obsessions

A common struggle OCD clients discuss is the difficulty of letting go of the obsessive thoughts. Often, the internal struggle with these thoughts is more difficult in the beginning of treatment, because clients are not doing their usual mental routines. Trying something new is always going to create more stress in the beginning. After these […]