Month: October 22, 2018

Sunday Anxieties (Scaries)

Clients looking for a “cure” for the Sunday Scaries is a common Monday conversation. For the uninitiated, the Sunday Scaries is a term to describe the building anxiety people experience as the weekend comes to an end, and thoughts of the looming week begin. Common complaints include an uncomfortable feeling in the stomach, thoughts of […]

How Do I Fix Social Anxiety?

Social Anxiety Many of our clients come in with some type of social anxiety issue. Social anxiety occurs when someone has a stress or anxiety response that is triggered by being around other people or social situations. Often it is not debilitating, but it is something that influences their quality of life. Social anxiety does […]

Relationship Anxiety Issues

What to do when you’re feeling anxious about relationships in your life It is common to see clients that are experiencing some type of relationship anxiety. These relationships are often romantic, but they can also include friends, family, or coworkers. In fact, these anxieties are so common that most people who report regular stress in […]